Welcome to the big birthday appeal!

Like many parents, we wanted our children to grow up to be kind, considerate and compassionate towards others who are in need. That's why we launched the Big Birthday Appeal – to give children the gift of giving.

We created Big Birthday back in 2001, with the aim of inspiring kids – right from nursery age – to get involved with helping others. We thought that if we can get young kids excited about charity-giving and helping those who are less fortunate, that attitude of altruism will hopefully stay with them as they grow into adults.

We were also concerned about the increasingly materialistic environment kids were growing up in (how much worse things have got since those pre-smartphone days!). To counter the growing me-me, disposable culture, we decided to use birthdays and other celebrations as triggers to make charity-giving a habit throughout the year – and help children to appreciate what they have.

It's been quite a journey. We've been blessed with an amazingly dedicated team of volunteer mums who work tirelessly for Big Birthday on top of their day-jobs. We've launched loads of innovative products – from stickers to wrapping paper and greetings cards. Children love our bright, colourful Big Birthday products – even little fingers are able to help by sticking the vibrant gift stickers onto presents.

Our new gratitude journal encourages children to see the goodness in their lives and helps make them more emotionally resilient. We hope that, by helping children to start this transformative practice at a young age, they will grow up with an attitude of gratitude for life.

20 years on from starting this journey, we’re as passionate as ever about our mission to spread the gift of giving. If you feel the same, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for your support.