The Big B’Mitzvah Appeal


Launched by the Big Birthday Appeal, The Big B’Mitzvah Appeal allows Bat and Bar Mitzvah children to share their simcha with children in need.

A Bat or Bar Mitzvah is a hugely important milestone in the life of a young Jewish person. It’s also a time when they receive a lot of cheques!

If you’re celebrating your Bat or Bar Mitzvah, we’d like to ask you to donate just a little bit of your gift money to help children with special needs. You’ll receive a certificate of thanks and a personal invitation to tour the facilities you’ve helped fund, where you’ll see your name painted on a special mural. You’ll also gain the satisfaction and pride of knowing you’ve used your simcha to create something that children with special needs will benefit from for years to come.


Want to know how that feels? Watch this short video of kids who’ve helped fund a sensory playroom for children with special needs.


If you’re a friend or family member of a Bat or Bat Mitzvah child, you can buy our gorgeous Bar or Bat Mitzvah cards and/or a voucher instead of a present, with all proceeds going to help Jewish children with special needs.



If you would like to give a donation to a Bat or Bar Mitzvah child instead of a present (or alongside a smaller gift), simply click here. The child will receive a certificate letting them know you’ve given a donation on their behalf.