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Generous pupils from North Cheshire Jewish Primary School (NCJPS) have lent a hand to children with special needs, as part of the Great Gift Giveaway project run by the Big Birthday Appeal. Six pupils at the school, who recently celebrated their fifth birthday, gave away a proportion of their birthday presents to benefit other, less fortunate children.

The Great Gift Giveaway has struck a real chord with parents, with four mums organising a combined fifth birthday party for their kids where presents were donated to the Big Birthday Appeal. Ethan Goldstone, Sammy Hilton, Ari Kribus and Jamie Hermon, who all live in Hale, were happy to forgo half of their birthday presents, while parents of partygoers were also asked to donate spare change – raising a total of £30 for the charity.

Debbie Hilton, mother of Sammy, said: “The Big Birthday Appeal is an incredible charity that empowers children by giving them opportunities to be kind and generous. Kids don’t often appreciate how fortunate they are and this initiative is teaching them a wonderful lesson at such a young age. It was amazing to hear my son say that it made him feel really good to give his presents to other children who aren’t as fortunate as him.”

Two other generous NCJPS pupils, David Dee and Kody Keller, had also donated half their gifts to Big Birthday and were thanked by the charity’s co-founder, Jude Moryoussef, when she took a recent assembly at the school. After showing an inspirational video showing how Big Birthday has helped children with special needs, she called on David and Kody to share their experience of helping others and encouraged other pupils to follow their lead.

She said: “The Great Gift Giveaway not only helps those who are less fortunate, but also enables children in the community to learn about the act of giving from an early age. We’re really proud of all the children who chose to celebrate their birthday with fewer presents to allow others to benefit.”

The gifts will be distributed to a number of charities across Manchester. Previously, the Big Birthday team has delivered presents to The Fed and, outside the Jewish community, to The Women’s Centre in Stockport and the Saheli Asian Women’s Project. The gifts they were received with immense gratitude by the centres’ organisers who were thrilled that a Jewish charity had chosen to help them and who said that the children they cared for had “very little joy in their lives” and had lit up when they saw the gifts.

Mr Wolfe, headteacher at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, commented: “I am so proud of all those children who generously gave some of their birthday presents to help others who are less fortunate than themselves. It’s a wonderful mitzvah and I am sure they will inspire others to give, too.”

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