Posted on : November 12, 2014 at - 5:20 pm by The Big Birthday Appeal

For the seventh year running, the Big Birthday Appeal has helped to send local Jewish children with special needs on a holiday to North Wales.

The charity had fundraised to cover most of the costs of the recent four-day break to Llandudno, organised by The Fed, for a group of 16 children, aged between three and 17.

The holiday was a chance for the children to take part in a series of fun activities, including crazy golf, bowling, canoeing and taking a tram up the Great Orme. It also provided parents with much-needed respite and time to spend with other members of their families.

For many of the children involved, new experiences and environments can be difficult. However, staff at the holiday camp are fully trained in working with children with special needs and gave them essential support as they encountered potentially daunting situations.

Carol Moffatt, Project Smile manager at The Fed, said: “These annual holidays are essential not only for the children’s development and social skills, but also for their parents.  Many of the children often have challenging behaviours, so the break gives their mums and dads the chance to have some time to themselves or devote more time to their other children.  We’re immensely grateful to the Big Birthday Appeal for its support in facilitating this holiday.”

The holiday was a huge success, with one child saying: “I want it to last forever”.  One parent commented: “We missed him so much, but you can’t understand the benefits the family have felt.”

14-year-old Maddy Moryoussef, whose mum, Jude, is a co-founder of the Big Birthday Appeal, visited the camp to find out more about the activities.

Maddy said: “It was amazing to see how much effort the volunteers and workers had put in to ensure that every child’s needs were met – the whole place was friendly, warm and inviting.

“Visiting the holiday made me realise just how much people my age take for granted. For some of these children, going out to the beach in Llandudno was a breathtaking sight, simply because they had never laid eyes on a beach before. Although my visit wasn’t long, it was long enough for me to understand how this holiday camp is giving children with special needs a place to have fun and enjoy themselves, and how appreciative I am for everything I have.”


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