Posted on : April 3, 2014 at - 4:29 pm by The Big Birthday Appeal

When Harry Burns turned eleven recently, he decided to use the occasion as an opportunity to give rather than receive.

 Harry, who lives in Salford and is a Year 6 pupil at Broughton Jewish Primary School, asked relatives to give donations to the Big Birthday Appeal instead of buying him presents. As a result, he managed to raise £50 for local Jewish children with special needs.

He explained: “I’d taken part in the Big Birthday swimathon last year and loved raising money for the charity so I thought my birthday was the perfect time to raise some more.  It made my birthday celebration much more meaningful than getting in a few more toys or vouchers and I’m really glad I did it.”

His mum, Lorraine – who works with children with special needs as a learning and support assistant –  added: “It was  Harry who suggested receiving donations instead of presents and I’m really proud that he thought of others before himself.”

Harry received a certificate and letter of thanks from the Big Birthday team. Suzy Glaskie, Big Birthday co-founder, said: “Harry is a very generous young man who’s set a fantastic example to other children. We hope that other kids will be inspired to use their own birthdays to help children with special needs in our community.”

Big Birthday raises money for The Fed’s Project Smile to fund respite care for local Jewish children with special needs.

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