Big Birthday Appeal joins Mitzvah Day to help kids at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Posted on : May 10, 2011 at - 10:32 am by The Big Birthday Appeal

The Big Birthday Appeal partnered with Mitzvah Day for the first time last year to cheer up kids at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The ‘joy in the wards’ project involved children aged between five and eight from North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, King David Primary School and South Manchester Synagogue in Bowdon, putting together gift bags filled with small gifts, such as crayons and drawing pads. The children also included a handmade, personalised card with their own message for the poorly patient. The gift bags were then delivered to ill children at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

To engage the children further and encourage them to think about what it might be like to be in hospital, the Big Birthday Appeal arranged for a local paediatrician to visit NCJPS, and a dedicated volunteer to visit King David Primary School to talk to the children at an assembly before Mitzvah Day.

Suzy Glaskie, the Big Birthday Appeal co-founder, said: “The Big Birthday Appeal was delighted to be a part of Mitzvah Day and the hands-on project we chose was a wonderful way to give children a taste of volunteering. It was a really fun way to encourage them to cheer up children their own age who are ill and confined to a hospital bed.”

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