Ten-year-old birthday girls choose charity over presents

Posted on : May 10, 2011 at - 10:31 am by The Big Birthday Appeal

Ten-year-old Maddy Moryoussef, a pupil at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, has broken with birthday traditions and decided to give, rather than to receive.

For her tenth birthday, Maddy asked her friends to give donations to the Big Birthday Appeal instead of giving her presents. She raised a wonderful £151 and 58p!
At her party, there was a special donations box that Maddy had decorated herself with Big Birthday wrapping paper.

Maddy said: “My 10th birthday party was extra special because I so enjoyed being able to help children who aren’t as fortunate as we are. I was just as excited about counting the money that was raised, as I would have been counting my presents.”

This lovely act of generosity is one of a growing number from selfless children in the community who are choosing to use their birthdays to donate money to Jewish children in need.

Milly Jobling, another pupil at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, also decided to use her birthday to raise money for Big Birthday. She managed to collect a fantastic £122 and 50p for the charity.

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