Bake a difference with The Big Birthday Appeal

Posted on : May 17, 2011 at - 9:37 am by The Big Birthday Appeal

The Big Birthday Appeal is calling upon families across the North West to host an afternoon tea party to fund a holiday this autumn for local Jewish children in need.

The official Big Birthday Tea Party month is June, and supporters can host a party at any point during the month. Instead of bringing a gift, guests are asked to make a donation to Big Birthday. The money raised from the initiative will be used to take local children with special needs on holiday this autumn. The four-day break in Llandudno, organised and run by professionally trained staff from The Fed, will include special outings such as bowling and trips to the beach and zoo, and many varied, stimulating and fun activities.

Suzy Glaskie, co-founder of the Big Birthday Appeal, commented: “The Big Birthday Tea Party is a really easy and fun way to raise money for Jewish children in need and you don’t need to be a Nigella Lawson to get involved! Whether your cakes are homemade or shop-bought, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family whilst ensuring that local children who really need a break have an unforgettable holiday this year.

“As we gear up for the summer holidays, it’s easy to forget that there are children right here in our community who cannot go on holiday because of the round-the-clock care they need to receive.

“This is the fourth year that Big Birthday is funding this holiday and for most of the children involved, the trip will be their first holiday. For their parents, the holiday represents a much-needed break from the challenging, 24/7 routine of caring for a child with special needs.”

If you’d like to host your own Big Birthday Tea Party, text Suzy on 07545 424 478 or email at

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