The Big Birthday Appeal aims to:


  • Raise money for children’s charities
  • Teach children to give to charity regularly
  • Encourage them to consider children who are in need
  • Teach them not to take everything for granted
  • Allow them to understand the value of money.

Since 2001, the Big Birthday Appeal has been offering busy mums a fantastic range of ultra-convenient products that are perfect for parties and other occasions.

We consider it crucial to engage children in charity-giving right from the age of two or three and believe that little and often is the best way to make charity a part of children’s lives. That’s why we work closely with nurseries and primary schools, taking assemblies and running a range of special projects to inspire children to give to others on a regular basis.

Our Products

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The Big Birthday Appeal has celebrated its 15th anniversary at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, where the charity launched back in 2001. Following a competition held for pupils to design a birthday cake for the charity, NCJPS held a special …