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The Big Birthday Appeal aims to:

  • Inspire and empower kids to think of others

  • Educate children to give charity regularly

  • Encourage children to appreciate what they have and to practise gratitude

  • Raise money for children who are in need

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engage & empower

We feel that it’s important to engage and empower children from an early age. We believe that little and often is the best way to make charity-giving and helping others an integral part of their lives.


That’s why we work closely with nurseries and primary/secondary schools, taking assemblies and running a range of special projects to inspire children to give to others on a regular basis.

jewish values

Big Birthday is rooted in Jewish values: the Hebrew word for charity is Tzedakah, which translates as righteousness or justice. Charity-giving in Judaism is not seen as being generous but as a moral obligation.


Two other values which have guided our ethos are Tikkun Olam (repairing the world, which includes helping others and taking a shared responsibility for the welfare of society at large) and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of kindness).

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Building Bridges

Although we began the Big Birthday project in the Jewish community, we’re passionate about looking outwards and supporting diverse projects – whether that be Manchester’s children’s hospital (where we delivered hand-made packs, put together by children) or a local centre for abused women and their children (where we delivered gifts which we’d asked kids to donate from their birthday presents).


We love to partner with people from all backgrounds and of any faith or none. If our ethos strikes a chord with you and you’d like to introduce it in your own country, community or school, do get in touch with us.

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